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Well, we must say how impressed we are with your food. It took us more than twice the amount of time expected to get through our previous orders. Feeding according to your instructions, we feed half the volume as our previous food, with better results. No more itchy skin on my Doberman, my Dane’s weight stays normal, and the foster dogs love it

— Rebecca

I am a long time customer of your products and would like you to know that I brought my 12 year old son (doggie) to the Vet for a full blood analysis to see how he's doing internally, they call it "an old man check up". The Vet just called me with the results and he said "Miller's blood work came back and he's in excellent health" I was ecstatic! He proceeded to tell me "to be honest, I was shocked! I never see blood work come back come back looking so good for a dog his age, not even in most younger dogs so keep doing what your doing because it's working. I believe that Miller is doing so well because of you and your product. So this message is to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Miller means the world to me and I want to keep him around as long as possible. Thanks for making that happen! I'll tell the world just how much I love you guys....thank you!!!!!

— Laura M

In less than 60 days I could see a change in every dog....better weight , coat shine , no picky eating. No problems with bloat in our big dogs, stools look great ..Dogs are not gassy. Having the food delivered is the best !!!

— Jill H

I second this comment! Our boxers have been on this food for years. Not only are they healthier than ever before, but they love the food also! The service really is AWESOME!

— Wayne J

I am the Director of a local rescue and we use this food exclusively and could not be happier with the results. I use in my home with my personal pack as well and five stars all around. Boxers are known for tummy issues and being picky and we have not had any issues. We use classic and lamb formulas....great product and love that it is local! Our delivery is prompt and customer service is top notch. Hard to find these days!

— Sarah P the midst of only giving him YOUR food in the last 6 weeks, he’s stopped itching, but also has gone back to playing, jumping up on my bed once in a while for snuggles, and is SOOOO MUCH HAPPIER!! I can tell such a difference in him.

— Valerie F